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Draft Delivers Message of Health

By Evan Ardoin

“Asthma can’t stop us!” was the message that St. Louis Rams linebacker Chris Draft brought to local children at the Midtown Catholic Charities Community Center in St. Louis on Tuesday.

Being asthmatic himself, Draft is a member of the Asthma Team. He created his own jersey to show his support for those who suffer from the condition.

During his visit, Draft shared his strategy for staying healthy and active while managing his asthma. Some of the tips he gave the youngsters were to exercise regularly and abstain from smoking. He also encouraged the children to identify their “triggers,” or the things that can lead to an asthma attack.

Draft advised the kids not to be embarrassed by their condition and to responsibly use their asthma medication. Draft’s primary encouragement to the children was to stay active and avoid choices that lead to poor health.

In an engaging discussion, Draft talked about his path to the NFL, his battles with asthma and the perseverance required to achieve success.

Draft was particularly funny and instructive during the question and answer session, fielding excellent questions from kids, parents and even community center staff.

Draft concluded the day by presenting two raffle winners with bicycles, visiting with the children and signing
autographs for everyone.