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Preventing Sudden Death in Youth Sports

Young athletes are losing their lives on the playing field: 50 in 2010; 40 to date in 2011; and seven individuals, including one adult coach, this past August. They are suffering chronic and sometimes catastrophic injury from sports that are otherwise designed to increase the spirit of competition, improved individual sports performance, a love of the game, and potential collegiate and professional careers for an elite few.


The National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) is hosting the third Youth Sports Safety Summit in December to provide additional medical insights, case histories, and a call to action to improve care of the youth athletes. More than 60 health care and sports organizations have joined the Youth Sports Safety Alliance, in order to collectively seek increased education, research and legislation to protect young athletes.  CDFF Founder Chris Draft will participate in the “Exercise-Induced Asthma” session, presenting his personal experience as a two-sport student athlete at Stanford University, and former NFL linebacker.

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