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NFL Player Reaches Out To Woods Family

CINCINNATI -- A current NFL player is reaching out to the family of Jovante Woods.

Woods, the son of former Cincinnati Bengal Ickey Woods, died last week after suffering an asthma attack.

Washington Redskins linebacker Chris Draft said he has lived with asthma all his life.

Draft has never played for a Cincinnati team, but said he understands what Woods went through as an athlete with asthma.

The pro linebacker said he first heard of the family's loss while at a support group for asthma patients.

"I have asthma. I've been in the hospital a few times during my career. So anytime that I hear of somebody struggling, or in this case actually passing away, it causes me to want to reach out to the family and see if there's anything I can do," Draft said.

Draft has spent 12 years in the NFL and has a foundation dedicated to helping families deal with asthma. He has been encouraging coaches and parents to visit the Winning With Asthma initiative website to learn more about preventing these types of asthma-related incidents in sports.

Woods was entering his junior year at Princeton High School at the time of his death and would have been a starting defensive back for the varsity football team.