Asthma Team

Courtney W.

American Lung Association in Florida

I came to work for the American Lung Association (ALA) after working in the child welfare arena for seven years. I always loved non profits but wanted a job where I could both grow and still have the hands on contact with children.

Through the ALA, I am able to help inner city children learn how to manage their asthma as well as teach adults to quit smoking; both being very rewarding.  

I knew Tiyanna (Asthma Team Draft's Pick for the Buffalo Bills vs. Jacksonville Jaguars game) from our 2009 Asthma Camp as she rode in the bus full of children from Jacksonville.  She was very quiet on the trip to camp, but on the way back, she was this talkative and outgoing child.  She couldn’t stop chatting with all the children about her experiences and how much fun she had.  When the NFL Meet and Greet contacted us, I immediately thought of her.  I contact her school’s nurse who also suggested Tiyanna and her family would be a great choice.