Asthma Team

The Angelos Family

Chicago, IL

At 11 years old, Tommy Angelos has been playing football for three years and is starting to take a preference for the tight end position. At 9 years old, George Angelos has been playing for two years and knows he wants to be a football player when he grows up. Both of the boys play for the Elmhurst Eagles and both of these boys live with severe asthma.

Tommy and George’s mom, Cathy, refuses to let their asthma slow them down and keeps two separate medicine journals to ensure proper dosing and timing.  Both of the children’s asthma is triggered by environmental and food allergens and making sure their environments are “asthma friendly” is one of her top priorities.

Cathy has taught her two boys not to be shy about their disease and encourages them to educate even their own teachers about the dangers of living with asthma.  The entire family is active with the American Lung Association and participates in mission-focused children’s programming and noteworthy fundraising in their community.