Linebacker Draft Seeks to Keep Winter Draft out of Area Homes

November 11, 2008

Linebacker Draft Seeks to Keep Winter Draft out of Area Homes

By Evan Ardoin

Winter can be one of the most challenging times, especially in the Midwest where inclement weather can be expected each year. Linebacker Chris Draft certainly understands the importance of keeping a home properly winterized and the tremendous benefits that preparedness can provide. Whether it’s creating a cozier living environment or saving much needed dollars on your heating bill, winterization is a must.

Draft teamed up with The Home Depot, the Vashon/Jeff VanderLou Initiative and 19th Ward Alderwoman Marlene Davis to create an opportunity to winterize a few homes in St. Louis and create some much needed awareness about an issue many homeowners ignore. The program was designed to illustrate quick and easy ways to winterize your home for under $200.

"We are very grateful to the Home Depot and the St. Louis Rams for their generosity in providing weatherization to our 19th ward residents. This will help them stay warmer and save on their heating cost."  Marlene Davis, Alderwoman 19th Ward.

The presence of Alderwoman Davis, Vashon/Jeff VanderLou Initiative chairman Michael McMillan and Draft symbolize the collaborative effort to have a lasting positive impact on St. Louis neighborhoods.

Some of the projects completed during the winterization included replacing filters, caulking windows, installing window film, installing water heater blankets and replacing incandescent bulbs with CFL bulbs. Three homes were selected by the St. Louis City Officials of the 19th Ward to host the project.
"We are pleased that we have found committed, collaborating partners to help Vashon/Jeff VanderLou Initiative continue its goal to build strong communities that improve the quality of life for our citizens. I extend a very special thank you to The Home Depot, St. Louis Rams, and 19th Ward Alderwoman, Marlene Davis, for working together on this home improvement initiative. Your contribution reinforces our efforts and serves as a catalyst for more affordable improvements to occur in the future."  Michael McMillan, Chairman, Board of Directors of Vashon/Jeff VanderLou Initiative; and License Collector, City of St. Louis.