Meet and Greet Says ‘Thank You’ to Draft Day® Participants

April 25, 2009

Meet and Greet Says ‘Thank You’ to Draft Day® Participants

Prior to the 2009 Draft Family Fitness Day at Herbert Hoover Boys and Girls Club in St. Louis on May 9, the Chris Draft Family Foundation decided to have a little fun. The foundation hosted a Meet and Greet event the night before Draft Day at the Centene Center for Arts and Education in St. Louis.

The Meet and Greet allowed volunteers, sponsors and other key people involved in Draft Family Fitness Day to relax, mingle, listen to some good music and enjoy some good food.

“It was really a thank you and a chance for everybody to mingle,” said Rams linebacker Chris Draft, founder of the Chris Draft Family Foundation. “Part of it was a fundraiser, but most importantly it was a chance to show that doing the right thing doesn’t have to be boring, doing the right thing can be exciting.”

The event allowed the Draft Family Fitness Day participants to get to know each other and to learn a little more about the foundation. Chef Euylan Welch, who spoke to parents about healthy cooking and healthy eating during Draft Day®, provided food for the event, and event sponsor Anheuser-Busch provided beverages.

“It was a great evening that wasn’t about a bunch of deep thinking and deep conversation,” Draft said. “People were kind of there enjoying some good food, some good drinks, getting a little dancing on and just enjoying the night.”

Entertainment for the event was provided by local St. Louis soul singer Coco Soul. She had departed the Gateway City for a while but has since returned, bringing with her a new neo-soul sound that is spreading across St. Louis.

“She wanted to be a part of building up that live music scene in St. Louis,” Draft said. “It was just a great opportunity. A lot of the things with Draft Day® and with the meet and greet were about celebrating St. Louis. By having her there, you have this great artist, but what makes it even better is that she’s St. Louis.”

Overall, the evening was an opportunity for the Draft Day® participants to learn more about the Chris Draft Family Foundation and a chance for the foundation to say thank you for their involvement.

“Doing the right thing can be eating, dancing and standing out on the rooftop of the Centene Center for Arts and Education and looking out over the skyline of St. Louis,” Draft said. “Doing the right thing, it doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be something that’s enjoyable.”