Draft Visits Challenger League

July 01, 2009

Draft Visits Challenger League

While NFL linebacker Chris Draft was playing with the Carolina Panthers, he had an opportunity to work with a very special group of kids through the Panthers' Challenger League.

The Challenger League was special, because it offered mentally and physically handicapped children the opportunity to play football. The league helps the kids improve their motor skills and physical ability through fitness.

Unfortunately for Draft, though, all the games were played on Saturdays. While he was able to visit the kids and attend their yearly banquet, he was never able to see them play, because he was always getting ready to play football himself.

Last week, though, Draft had a chance to visit the Challenger League in Charlotte. This time, though, he had the opportunity to show up on game day at the Marian Diehl Center in Charlotte.

Draft was able to share some of his wealth of NFL wisdom with the kids, while he was having fun playing football with them. He was also able to speak to their parents about the importance of sports and character.