Mission, Vision and Goal

To strengthen communities by empowering families to live healthy lifestyles through a national movement of self-awareness and education.

To harness the power of sports philanthropy to uplift and empower communities by building a strong alliance of caring people and corporations that seek positive social change.

To recruit ambassadors as agents of positive and lasting change, promoting the fact that “small change can make a big difference.”

Our goal is reached through the following initiatives:


    Team Draft: Created by Chris and Keasha during her year-long struggle with lung cancer in hopes that her valiant fight to live, love, laugh, and smile will give hope and comfort to people around the world. Team Draft is working to save lives by changing the face of lung cancer.

       Asthma Team™: A social support network driven by a nationwide coalition of individuals, families and agencies who power the Tackling Asthma™ movement of inspiration and education.

Character Team™: An association of individuals and agencies who recognize and celebrate the distinct moral qualities, ethical standards and principles which are evident in positive role models and community leaders.

Get Checked and Get Fit™: A nationwide campaign providing access to tools and opportunities which encourage youth and their families to make positive choices regarding their overall health and wellness.

Literacy Leaders™: A network of people dedicated to “Changing lives, saving lives, one book at a time” through promoting literacy and encouraging reading.

Military Appreciation: A effort to support and assist organizations in encouraging and providing services and recognition to service men and women and their families during and after their service.

Community Improvement: An alliance of civic minded people who are dedicated to providing America’s neighborhoods and communities with safe environments in which to play, learn and grow while adopting healthy lifestyles.

Draft’s Picks™: Ambassadors who display positive character traits, encourage dialogue regarding behavior choices and accept the responsibility of leadership.