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Calif. High School Student Recognized for Fight Against Bullying

Bullying is becoming a highly-recognized issue across the United States. After hearing a story about a girl who committed suicide after being bullied, Fremont High School Student Jalen Coleman decided to put his skills as a film director to work and shoot a short film about a girl that is being bullied.

Coleman's three-and-a-half minute film is being recognized by the National Parent Teacher Organization as an important piece of their anti-bullying Connect for Respect campagin. They're going to fly Coleman to Orlando, Fla. to showcase his video at their "Get Connected: A Connect for Respect Bully Strategy Planning Session."

"It feels pretty good," Coleman said. "My teacher told us a story about a girl that committed suicide, so I came up with an idea that kind of related to it."

Coleman's film, simply titled "Intolerable," is an impassioned piece that is brilliantly shot and directed by the young filmmaker. Check out the video below. For more information on the PTA's Connect for Respect campaign, visit