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Omunique J. - "The Blind Side" Kansas City

The movie Blind Side had a huge impact on me. Watching the movie, I took similar situations in my life and compared it to situations that were happening in the movie. Watching the way Michael handle bad situations made me realize that there is people in this world that is doing worse than I am, and I notice, most of the time I act ungrateful at times, I put my attention on small things when there's bigger things that should have my attention, like my life and my future and my family.

Actually, watching this movie made me think about my family and my future. I honestly called my mother the same night and thank her for never giving up on me, never stop believing in me, never stop taking care of me and my other siblings.

Michael Oher was a kid that made great decisions, grateful for everything he had, and the most important thing that stood out was that he had pride. When the Touhys (a white family) took him in, they notice that he really did not ask for a lot of anything, because of his pride.

Michael went through his high school days playing sports. He was so dedicated and an excellent player to me. Playing football, he started off slow, but then he realizes he was on the field to protect his team mates. which he did. I saw that when his mind is on protecting his team mates, nothing or no one could hold him back or stop him.

At moments, a few of Michael's friends tried to get him into things that Michael wasn't interested in. Which made me stop and think about my life and ask myself a question? Am I hanging around the right crowd? Am I surrounding myself around people that encouraging me to do the right things and if their doing right things their selves? It just made me realize what friends are important and which ones are not.

I realize that decisions are basically my life. I know I make bad decisions at times, but I have to stop and think and make the right ones. Even if it's not hanging around friends that I was real close to. I also now after watching the movie, know that family is so important. Family is my life, everything I do, reflects on my family. Bad things I do, good things I do, show how my parents raised me. I never thought about my life like I am now.

Overall, watching this movie changed the way I look upon things in my life, friends hang out with, boys I date, how hard I work in class, what ] do on the weekends, everything. I mean little decisions that probably don't make a big of a deal at the moment, could turn out and change my life.

I'm glad that I watched this movie, and I would definitely recommend "The Blind Side" to family members, and friends.