Draft's Picks

What Are Draft's Picks?

Ambassadors for Positive Change

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

-John Quincy Adams

The Chris Draft Family Foundation (CDFF) places a strong emphasis on leadership and is dedicated to creating leaders in every city across the country. In an effort to create as many leaders as possible, the foundation created the Draft’s Picks™ initiative.

Draft’s Picks™ are ambassadors who display positive character traits, encourage dialogue regarding behavior choices and accept the responsibility of leadership. These are peer leaders within their schools, club, team, or extracurricular activity.  Sometimes they are the president of an organization, or a committee leader or most-active volunteer, a dynamic member of a group that keeps order among chaos. The Draft’s Picks™ start a new group or organization to create a more efficient pathway toward change.
Draft’s Picks™ often exemplify the highest standards of strong character, outstanding academic or athletic achievement and are proven leaders within their respective communities.

They are committed.

They stand up.

They are trying to change the world.

Draft’s Picks™ embrace the fundamental traits of our Character Team™ and epitomize indestructible standards of compassion, courage, honesty, perseverance, respect, responsibility and self-discipline.

Draft’s Picks™ come from all walks of life and are supported by the foundation through special invite-only events throughout the year.  The foundation welcomes Draft’s Picks™ as their hand-picked ambassadors, charged with sharing the message and lessons from carefully planned events back to their respective community thereby extending the messages beyond a single event or day.  Draft’s Picks™ help the Chris Draft Family Foundation extend the mission that is the driving force behind all activity – empowering and uplifting communities by educating families to make healthier choices.