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Christian R. - "The Blind Side" Kansas City

The movie "The Blind Side" had a major impact on how I look at certain things that I take for granted. Michael Oher was a young man that was taking care of himself and had no where to stay with two shirts and a pair of pants. He washed his clothes in the sink of a laundry mat in his neighborhood. My clothes are washed weekly and most of the time, I don't wear the clothes that were washed until weeks later. Taking that for granted is something I do just because I have never had to live without that luxury. I don't even know what cycle or water temperature to use with the color of the clothes, because my mother does that for me along with all of my other everyday needs.

I have both parents in my household and a family that is there when I need them. I act as if everything they do for me is what they are suppose to do, while some children don't even have one parent to support them on these things. I am grateful for them, but I could be more conscious of the things I am blessed to have. I realized that no matter how bad I feel about children going through hard times, it will never change unless I try to help and make a difference in my community. The family that took Michael in made me understand that you can't judge people by their background, race, or beliefs. You never know one day you or I could be Michael Oher.

The movie also showed me that no matter the struggles I go through or the obstacles I face, overcoming them is the key. No matter what I do in life, I will look back and know Micheal Oher made his life a success because he never gave up, so accomplishing my dreams will be my goal. Watching this movie showed me how to overcome adversity, which was the moral of sharing his story with us.