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Angela P. - "The Blind Side" Kansas City

In order to obtain success, one must work diligently to achieve goals, and as a result grow as an individual as well as advance in their career field. Along the way to success, obstacles will arise and attempt to detour them off of their path. Discipline accompanied with resilience are characteristics that one must also have to insure that they meet their aspirations. I can relate to the struggles of pursuing my goals of both the present and the future. During my journey, several of my character traits have allowed me to excel in academics and extra curricular activities, in addition to professional objectives that I set for myself.

Without a valid effort and much preparation, I could not have accomplished what I have so far. I am the chair of the Lincoln Tiger Debate and Forensic Squad. I am an intern for Youth Advocate Manager Thaila Cherry and Councilman Terry Riley. I have secured a scholarship, I'm a Kauffman Scholar and I play an active role in my school community. Similar to the movie the Blind Side, Michael Oher practiced for months to learn the game of football. Initially, he had the raw natural talent for sports, but with the support of the whole Tuohy family, he was able to grasp the strategic concepts and apply them during the game. Like Michael, I worked hard to achieve those minor goals at my age. I understand that hard work will pay off with benefits that others cannot enjoy. Michael's dedication to sports paid off when he became an NFL professional football player. One day all my labor will reward me.

Having the ability to be resilient to negative comments and to persevere shows true commitment. Despite the odds, the motivation for progress acts as a driving force to excel beyond what others think. In my case, I have had my share of negativity and encouragement. I appreciate it all. Discouraging remarks help me toughen my skin; I recognize that the world is a competitive place. Competition is healthy and serves as a learning experience for improvement. There have been times when I have proved people wrong, they doubted my abilities but the confidence I have in myself did not waver. My resilience lets me continue on my long journey for a better life.

Another trait that has helped me excel is humility and my willingness to help. After accomplishing some of my short term goals, I am proud of myself, but I don't parade around boasting. My peers would perceive me as arrogant and conceited, which are two traits that doesn't properly represent me. Humility allows me to stay grounded and focus on my true objective. Naturally, I like to be involved, so I have the opportunity to assist with a project or do a task for someone, I will usually do it. Although my life is hectic, I will always help when I am needed. As a result, I excel because my former employers and teachers were impressed by my work ethic and recommend for other opportunities.

Life is not a cruise; it's more comparable to a bumpy bike ride. You are the driver, and you can determine your own destiny. There may be hills and valleys that one must overcome. Where as in a cruise there is someone else stirring the ship. You are no longer in control.vI know what I want, and I go after it. So, when asked to reflect on myself and what traits have helped me excel, I credit a combination of confidence, resilience, and hard work. Everyone functions differently, but so far this equation has been fool proof from my own experiences.