Draft's Picks

Isabel A. - "The Blind Side" Kansas City

I have grown up to be more of a positive person. I feel that I am responsible, hardworking , a leader who enjoys working with a team, and I love to motivate my fellow classmates. I believe that these character traits have helped me to become a stronger and more versatile person. At this moment, I have accomplished most of my goals and intend to accomplish much more throughout my life.

These character trains have allowed me to succeed in many ways: With my family, class work, teammates, teaches, and employment. At work, I am able to work with customers, other employees, and assist with busing tables. When I am at home, I try to help my parents with whatever they need. I also help my brother stay on top of his schoolwork, and I watch my little sister when 1 can.

I know that becoming a leader is hard work, and I know that I have to give respect in order to receive it. I have been involved in conditioning with the girls' soccer team. My responsibility is to be at school every day and motivate them to keep going. It takes a lot of hard work. Because most girls are not in condition, it takes a great deal of time to get them ready. That's why I am here to help them to get to where I am, physically. I know they look to me as their leader, as their captain. They never argue with me when I put in the drills; they know that it is for their own good.