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Andrew F. - "The Blind Side" Miami

Being a leader is more than just being a great athlete or smart kid. It's about the qualities and traits, that have allowed you to excel in what you do. In my personal experiences I've never been the best in something that I have pursued, but no matter what I have always finished what I've started. The character traits that have allowed me to excel are; dedication and perseverance. These traits have become key ingredients to my success in school, sports, and life.

When you are dedicated to something you automatically increase your chance to excel and succeed in any goal that you want to accomplish. My freshman year of high school I dedicated my life to football. I would attend every practice and work harder than anyone. By the end of my freshman spring I had obtained the starting position of defensive end on the varsity football team.

Perseverance is the one trait that will allow you to finish what you start. This past football season I was the team captain and the top ranked player of the football team. In the third quarter of the third game of the season I went down with a big injury. CT scans showed that I had two fractured lumbar's and wouldn't be able to play football for therest of the season and possibly life. Though it seemed like I was down and out, I stayed on the team as captain and assisted the defensive line coach. Perseverance led me to overcome this challenge, and through all of it I never gave up on finishing my four years of football.

Dedication and perseverance have been the two key character traits that have allowed me to excel in life. With these traits, I have learned how to stay faithful to what I start and never give up.