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Joseph C. - "The Blind Side" Miami

To be given a chance at life is a wonderful thing, and to give such a chance to someone who needs it is an indescribable experience. This I learned by watching The Blind Side and much more besides. The movie truly made me aware of the difficult situations behind anyone's life through the story of Michael Oher, and made my problems seem largely insignificant in comparison. Then again, I am reminded that I can achieve great things if I just set my mind toward them, just like Michael Oher did. I am also reminded that I should do my best to help out those around me, because even a little extra push could set them back on the right path during times of struggle. Many lessons can be learned from the movie, lessons that I can relate to as a second-generation Korean-American living in the United States. Growing up was not as hard for me as it was for Michael Oher, but still I faced discrimination and bullying because of my identity and ethnicity. I was able to become stronger, though, through the chances my true friends, my parents, and my teachers bestowed unto me, and viewing this movie just made me think back to the key people in my life, who had been kind enough to show me the light of hope.

Regarding this light of hope, the movie The Blind Side showed me that everyone has a unique past that has molded them into who they have become. However, our experiences are not as different as they may appear, since we all face times of struggle as well as times of joy. In light of this, I was able to learn that miracles can happen if we keep positive outlooks on life under any circumstances. Holding on to resentment and hatred would not only hurt those around us, but would also hurt the peace of mind of oneself. Therefore, I personally will put forth more effort to take a positive perspective on situations that I encounter on a daily basis. By doing so, I may be able to inspire others, just as the story of Michael Oher has impacted me.

The movie also made me think about how far society has come from what it used to be. In the past, segregation and ethnocentrism abounded throughout the world, and it is only of late that we have begun to accept everyone for who they are. This has special significance to me since I am of Korean descent, and have been falsely accused and made fun of because of others' beliefs that I was Chinese. I used to go around all the time and hear ridiculous things like "ching-chong-ching", and it would always frustrate me so much, but I learned to keep the resentment inside. Like Michael Oher, I did not manifest my anger, but unlike him, I have only recently learned how to let it all go. The value of successful coping has been shown to me through Michael Oher's life, and I may be able to implement it into my own.

Perhaps the greatest impact the movie had on me was through the teachers of Michael Oher, especially his biology teacher. She kept faith in his abilities and was the first to point out that Michael was not stupid. When I saw the compassion that she showed to her student in that way, I was emotionally moved. I also have some teachers like that, and I further realized their significance in my life by viewing this scene. A new ambition was also born in me, that I may also help out my peers and give them that extra push whenever necessary to keep them on the right path. Indeed, I must take action to use my abilities in aid of others. There is even a saying, which goes, "A friend in need is a friend indeed," and I plan to follow it through. I will also aim to be more humble like Michael Oher was, and I will always respect the people in my life.

Therefore, the movie, The Blind Side, impacted me in numerous ways, inspiring me to think about my own identity and my niche in society. Furthermore, the film encouraged me to act with humility and sincerity to those around me. Perhaps that will let me inspire others just as the movie had inspired me. I will continue to seek my purpose and to seize the opportunity, if it were ever to arise. The leaders of our yesterdays, of the present day, and of the future never gave up on their aspirations. They weren't afraid to take on the frontlines. May I too take a stand among them, inspired by Michael Oher and the tribute to his life, The Blind Side.