Draft's Picks

Michelle G. - "The Blind Side" Miami

The Blind Side has been on of the most inspiring movies to really hit home. This movie has changed my perspective of people in so many ways. My drive and my dedication have allowed me to be where I am
today. The woman who I have the honor of calling "mother" is the person who has been the instrument to my life. This movie was more than a film it was a life changing experience.

The Blind Side has opened my eyes in so many ways. This movie has showed me that theirs more to a person's image or "reputation" there's an actual story that needs to be heard. Who do you know that would take a complete stranger looking the way Michael Oher looked in this movie, and not only give him a home but give him an actual family ? Leigh Anne Tuohy has to be one of the strongest big hearted women to ever come across my mind. She has showed me what many have forgotten today; there is still hope in humanity.

Why am I where I am today? I have my independence to thank for that. I have never been one to
rely on another for anything or any task given to me. My drive and dedication have been major tools for me, when undergoing obstacles thrown at me. Who has taught and given me these traits, you may ask, my mother. My mother has shown me that in life you do not need anybody holding your hand; you have your own wings to fly. One of her sayings that have taught me a great lesson is 'Never do wrong to others because at the end of your lifetime it will come back and do wrong to you.

"We must be the change we wish to see in the world"- Mahatma Gandhi. The world does not need to be changed, humanity needs to change. In order for us to come together and make the world a better place we must start with ourselves. We must not be so quick to judge and actually listen to somebody. I will try my
best to never let a first impression make my decision of a person. There is always a person that needs help and if that help can come from me. I would do it without a second thought. no matter the background.

If I could, I would walk around with copies of this movie and distribute them to everyone I saw.
Instead, I will walk around talking to people informing them of this wonderful, not movie but life experience. Actually sit to talk to a person who looks like they have had a hard day and not just walk away because they may seem "weird." Since this movie, I have looked at myself in the mirror and asked, is this the person I want to be? It has been a reality check, that in my opinion. every human heart needs.