Draft's Picks

Dyana C.- "The Blind Side" Miami

Watching this film made me realize how blessed I am to be who alive. Sometimes we really do not know people's motives behind certain actions or why they tend to be a certain way or not until we truly dig deep inside the core of their heart. Within that core lies the genuine character of each and every one of us. Whether it is the obstacles that mold us, the good memories we will always carry with us, or if it is the perspective we view the world.

This film made me appreciate life on a completely different level than I did before. It allowed me to relate to Michael's hardship because I have gone through similar hardships as well. The scene where Michael looks for his mother and sees an eviction notice on the door of her home tore my heart because I have gone through the same concept. I never fully was evicted but I understand the emotions he might have been feeling at the time.

The Blind Side made me want to become a better person. It inspired me to impact the world. I have always seen the silver lining, but because of this movie, I see that anyone can do anything. We just have to believe in ourselves and in God. God played a major role in this movie. If it was not for Him, Michael would have probably still been homeless and possibly killed. "I can do everything through him who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13