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Joleeia R. - "The Blind Side" Miami

When asked who has had the greatest influence on my life I can think of no other person than my mother. I say this, because even without her knowing she has made me the strong individual I am today. The events that took place when I was a small child was so much to bear that sometimes it's hard for most adults to handle. At the tender age of eleven I lost the only thing that I have ever known, my mother. Throughout the summer I slowly could see me losing her before my eyes. So when 1 did lose her it didn't leave me shocked or surprised, but more less stunned, As the thought of me losing her kept haunting my mind, I prepared myself for the time it actually happened. Now that I look back to seven years ago I see how much I have changed as a human being. Even my thought process is different. By me finding out that I was going blind in my right eye was a traumatic time in my life. Several thoughts went through my mind like will I ever be able to see out that eye again or is it going to affect me in my everyday life. So many things have changed in my life from then until now, for example the way i feel on a daily basis about my condition and watching my mother die.

By me going through this situation in my life at a time where I can gain full understanding has led me in the direction to major in social work so one day I can work with children who are infected with HIV/AIDS and hopefully I can make a difference in their lives. Also, I would one day like to open my own group home for children who are infected with HIV/AIDS so I can help to make even a bigger difference by offering them advice from a person who is going through or has already been through the same things they are experiencing.
Unknowingly my mother has made me a greater person by her death then what I would it has to offer. Because of this I won't have to dwell on other things that may come up that would distract me from my dream of making a difference in another child's life. I will already know the steps I need to take with the faith and courage that my mother has instilled in me before her death. Although having this disease has hindered me in some ways, it has made me a better person in a whole lot of ways.