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Oliver H. - "The Blind Side" Miami

The Blind Side showed me that although there may be struggles, through dedication, courage, and perseverance, you can overcome anything. The protagonist in the movie portrayed all three of these traits and became a successful man. However, it obviously wasn't easy. During the film, I thought that Michael Oher displayed a significant amount of courage. Growing up in an impoverished neighborhood, in and out of foster care, he showed courage by changing his life. He walked into a school, predominantly white, and being a large black man, overcame all of the prejudice from his teachers and fellow students and decided to graduate. Also, his courage to trust and live with a family that he didn't even know was exceptional. Furthermore, the same can be said about the family, especially Mrs. Tuohy, for seeing a problem and using her resources to find a solution and change the outcome.

Moreover, Michael showed dedication even through times of trouble. He just started out football and was struggling but as the film progressed he was finally able to sharpen his skills. Through hard work, along with encouragement from his family, he was able to become a pro football player. Also, the Touhy's stayed dedicated by treating Oher as if he was their own. Even when the daughter was facing social problems at school, she was able to stay unselfish and embrace her new brother.

Overall I thought the movie was great. It encouraged me to find solutions to problems that I see all the time. It changed my outlook on generosity, kindness, and care. But most of all it showed me the hope and love that is within the hearts of each of us, all we have to do is find it.