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Venel H. - "The Blind Side" Miami

Ever since I was born, I’ve been facing many obstacles, but for some reason I always overcome them. I ask myself sometimes who is watching over me and who loves me that much to provide me with strengths to overcome these obstacles. But as time goes by, I figure out who is doing all of this, and it is the man upstairs, the man that we call God, the father, and the Holy Spirit. God has done a lot for me and for my family. God provides me with two people that I call my parents, and these people motivates every day, even as a little baby.

Furthermore, my parents, Monite and Moncevoir motivate me in ways that no one on this earth could. The way they carry themselves is unreal. They are two very dedicated people; they always want to go to work. There is not a day that I hear my parents complaining about going to work. And I know why they never complain, my parents know they working for a purpose and that purpose is to support their family which is their children in America and their family back home in Haiti.

Also, my mother Monite motivates me in so many ways. For example, my grandmother never had money to send my mother to school or even had the chance to sit in a classroom, but that lady that I call my mother never quit, she never give up and said 'oh well it's too late to go back to school' nope she did not say dat. When she got to America she decided she would go to school and learn English and as of now she is still going to school because she wants to learn and nothing is going to get in her way and stop her. She is very dedicated to her education and everyday she would pull me over and chat with me for at least thirty minutes and tell me how important education is. Because of what she said that motivates me to do better in school.

Last but not least, my father Moncevoir, what can I say about this man. There is so much I can say about my father. My father is seventy years old and that man is still working trying to support his family and also the ones back home in Haiti. My dad never miss of a day of work, he motivates in ways that I can't even explain. He is a hardworking man and he never give up. I sometimes ask myself, how does he do it? There was a time I asked my dad when arc you going to retire huh dad? And he said "son the day that I know or fee] like I cannot do it anymore I will retire but as for now I got to do what is best for my family". When my dad told me that I cried, because it shows the love and, that he has for his family and would not let anything happen to them. Because of what he said to me, that alone changes my perspective of life and motivates me to be a better man and also in the future to be a loving, caring husband.

In conclusion, not only God blessed me as individual. He only blessed me with two beautiful parents who care and love me and the rest of my family dearly. I want to thank my parent for not giving up on me and want to thank them for the impact they have in my life and hope they continue motivating me. I also thank them for making the type of man I am today.