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Danitza M. - "The Blind Side" Miami

Upon watching the film The Blind Side, a film about a young man that went through many hardships all before graduation, it made our Student Government Association grateful that we have never had to go through such hardships. I can't even begin to fathom bow one can endure such hardship, and yet, reach the top of a once unreachable mountain top. Sure, we all go through or own "hardships," but none that surpass the greatness in difficulty of Michael Oilers If you sit clown and ponder upon it, those of us that are spoiled with such simple things as a family and a place to call a home should truly be grateful.

Our school sponsors students to help kids that might be going through similar situations Michael went through. For example, Miami Sunset Senior High sponsors a program called "Knights in Need." This program helps students go to school activities that would normally cost lots of money, such as Grad Nite. The program is strictly anonymous so the student won't feel embarrassed about asking for some help. Another program our school offers is "Transfer your spirit." At the end of every year, seniors donate uniform shirts that they will no longer use or need and at the beginning of the next year, kids that don't have funds to buy the uniform shirts will get them for free.

With that being said, Miami Sunset Senior High School always tries to help students in need. The way we see it is that one never knows the difficult times other people are going and their school life shouldn't be jeopardized.