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Shirene T. - "The Blind Side" Miami

"Suffering is the price of being alive, and it is music and singing and art that has helped me live through some of the most difficult things that have happened to me. "–Judy Collins. Without suffering, people could miss the greatest opportunities. "The Blind Side" has impacted me by showing me how difficult life is and how one opportunity can change a person's life in the best way possible. This movie illustrates the true meaning of persistence. Michael Oher's hardships and sufferings lead to something so great that even he couldn't believe it. Having the Tuohy's accept him into their home gave Michael courage, self-esteem and a new view of life.

Until I saw this movie, I never realized how privileged I am. I didn't really understand the meaning of a free and easy life. This movie made me understand the value and significance of my life. Michael had just a t-shirt and pants, a crack addicted mother, and a dozen brothers and sisters, things that a regular teenager cannot imagine. His life made me appreciate my house to come to at the end of the day, a car to drive to school, and parents who take care of me when I need them. The outstanding qualities and potential that Michael Oher had proved to me that
anybody that tries, can thrive to have a better life and education. Overall, his suffering helped
Michael endeavor to strive to reach his goals.

As Judy Collins said, "Suffering is the price of being alive... helped me live through some of the most difficult things that have happened to me."Without suffering, people cannot learn from their mistakes. This movie has showed me how life can be cruel and I should work to succeed. Michael Oher had a very harsh life, and the opportunity with the Tuohy's gave him a chance to live a better life. Michael Oher shows everybody and how they should value every day. I opened my eyes and value my life, and I give thanks to "The Blind Side".