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Mobs S. - "The Blind Side" Miami

Throughout the years of my life, there has only been a single person that continues to impact my life, my brother. Not long ago, I watched a video from when I was newly born and released from the hospital. That moment was the point my brother knew he would have to take care of me for countless years to come. One might think he would not understand certain ideas since he was a child of 4 years himself. Nevertheless, he knew very well that he had to be a role model for me. He has matured to become the most astounding man I know, Likewise, my brother has also inspired me to become a thriving ambitious person in life. He is canny, sublime, and obliging.

I've always tried to follow his lead and learn from his mistakes. Everything he ever achieved was passed to me. He always told me, "When you can strive to do better, do better." This is precisely what I did. As an illustration, one year he helped Red Cross build houses for those who lost everything from Hurricane Wilma. After hearing about that, I was inspired to do something for the community, so I decided to raise money at school and gather clothes. As a result, I got an award from my middle school and I felt victorious. Two years ago, Mike got accepted to the University of Florida- my dream university. His acceptance pushes me to become ambitious and strive for better goals to get into the college, and  I envision myself succeeding. Because of Mike Sabouri, I would like to become the Silver Knight, a doctor, and role models to others as my brother is to me.
Thanks to my caring brother, I am on my way to the road of an astonishing life. Without him I don't believe I would be able to accomplish the many things I have done. He might have also not done well if I wasn't there for him to be an excellent role model. His intelligence has greatly been instrumental to my life.