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Maria D. - "The Blind Side" Miami

The movie, The Blind Side, has inspired me to become a better person and to be the best I can be. It has given me a sense of will. Before this movie I was very apprehensive of what my future outcome would be. After watching it, I learned that anything can be accomplished with dedication and perseverance. In the movie, the key factor was the dedication. He put all his effort into improving his grades. That was a drastic increase in grade point average. It served as a catalyst that allowed me to believe in the power of myself more. I have the power to choose what I want to do. You can't limit yourself. Despite what any situation may be, you can always make the best of it. This movie has inspired me to not only help myself in achieving my goals, but to help others as well. Becoming a student tutor and peer mediator has aided many students that I have crossed paths with. I not only share valuable information corresponding to the topic in which they have trouble with, but I share a bit of my own perspectives on the subject. In my opinion, it makes their experience more memorable and worth listening to. Sometimes, it is more effective to a child to hear something from someone in their own age range rather than an adult. Being in their shoes now, I understand what it feels like to feel inferior to an adult; to have to listen to someone who may not care much for you. Therefore, we tend not to pay attention to those in authority.