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Michael H. - "The Blind Side" Kansas City

Life can impact a person tremendously. Whether it is good or bad, I believe the ultimate goal in life is for us to excel. There are three character traits that have allowed me to excel thus far. Hard work, respect, and my strong faith in God have given me a beacon of hope.

Hard work is more of a description when you describe me. I am a Varsity basketball player at Washington High School in Kansas City KS. More importantly I am an honor roll scholar. I apply hard work in the classroom and on the court at all times. Having this trait has allowed me to be honored both athletically and academically.

Respect is my second trait that I possess. I treat everyone with the upmost respect regardless. I think this is not only in my life, but in the world as well. I often refer back to a famous quote I remember when I was young. “Treat other’s how you would want to be treated.” Youth should respect their elders, parents, and those in authority. Showing respect is opening doors for me each and every day.

My strong faith in God is my final character trait. This has encouraged me to set examples and live the right way. My peers who hang around me know that I am a church boy. In essence, the way I conduct myself around my family is the same behavior I exhibit to my friends. God has given me a little light; I’m going to let it shine.

In closing hard work, respect, and my strong faith in God is aiding me to excel in life. We all have chances in life, but it is up to us to make something of it.