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Adora Y. - "The Blind Side" Kansas City

I had the opportunity to watch the movie “The Blind Side,” and I thought that this was a very inspiring and encouraging movie. After seeing this movie, I noticed how much random acts of kindness can really impact a person’s life. Not only was the family Christians, but the way they gave and gave to Michael really shows how a Christian should act. This part is applies greatly in my life. It makes me reflect on my actions and how Christ-like I really am and should be.

Character traits such as commitment and devotion really help me to excel in the things that I do. For example in the movie, when the mother took the first step to taking Michael in, she knew that she was putting herself in a situation where she had started something. Once you start something, then it must be finished. With this advice it just encourages me to keep working hard for the best life that I can possibly get in the future including my education.

I would have to say that my parents are my biggest supporters. Everything that has anything to do with my experience in life, they will support me. They will go all out to help me obtain the things I need in order to succeed. Anything that is educational and good for me, they will always be by my side supporting my actions.

Even if I am young, I believe there are still plenty of community services that I can give or example, volunteering at an elementary school or the hospital. I know that I am not able to help financially now, but definitely sometime in the future. In ten years, I want to give back to the community, and most importantly my school that has given so much to me.