Draft's Picks

Joseph H. - "The Blind Side" Buffalo, N.Y.

Someone in my life that has changed my life bigger than anyone is my stepmother.  Why she has changed my life is because she knew that if she were not there, I would be nothing. Why? Because after my mother died, my dad wasn't really the father type. 

Also, with the passing of my mother, it left me to believe I was nothing and couldn't become anything until she came along. She's the one who basically dragged me out of bed and drove me to school. In grammar school, and even though she didn't have to, she still did because she cared.

Even though I always use to get written up and suspended, I still kind of tried. Even though people thought I wasn't, I still was. Even though my dad was still around, he had some alcohol issues and they would all be about me.

For example, he would tell me '"leave, get out my house, and go with your grandmother," but no one understood why I was upset, because I always held my emotions in. I think that with my step mom being the one who has cared so much about me that it has showed the way for me to become a young successful person. I believe that without her I would be a drop out from school, in the streets, in jail or even dead, because my life was going absolutely nowhere but towards trouble.

Another way she impacted my life was that I was a very lazy kid and all I wanted to do is lay around and do nothing. She was the one who persuaded me to play in an active environment such as football which I grew a passion for and found out I'm really good at. But every day I try to make a difference in people's lives by being a leader and telling them not to give up. However, without my step mom, I would be nothing, but now I'm something, somebody, and a leader.