Draft's Picks

Kameron W. - "The Blind Side" Buffalo, N.Y.

To implement change amongst a faltering society takes much determination and faithfulness to delegate yourself as one of the "agents of change". The utopia which we all envision would be too much of a perfect, and therefore unrealistic, change. To make progress, it always begins with the inward to outward, instilling positive characteristics. It will take the leadership of an individual to excel in the movement of change. Conspiring to create such an enduring change for our future must be foundationally based and sufficient enough to affect the lives around you. We must continue the determination of our ancestors in their movement of challenge and be boisterous about spreading this dynamic campaign for change. The ills faced in this anomaly of a world should only captivate a renewal and urge for a universal tenacity. If we revitalize our communities with unity and bring together families, it becomes the cornerstone for the mighty move of change. Personal goals set, then maintained, will be reached successfully to preserve standards for future generations.

As a student and active citizen of Buffalo, N.Y., it will be my duty to serve the youth and encourage willingly. It will be here we will learn to disagree without being disagreeable - that it's possible to compromise so long as you know those principles that can never be compromised; and that so long as we're willing to listen to each other, we can assume the best in people instead of the worst. The principles of change are unification, communication and action. A defining change is essential by being a part of the change nonetheless working together as a community, as a school and family. This occurrence makes it possible for a total restoration of all the foundations in our everyday  world. We must all pick up the set priority of change; this is our purpose in this improbable quest, with a future of endless possibilities. We must continue to stay steadfast and have ethical achievements to strengthen ourselves, schools, families and communities. The challenges we face only gives us the audacity to fight harder for a better change.