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Nelson B. - "The Blind Side" Buffalo, N.Y.

‘When I look back, I wished I would have understood what he has done for me.’ Those are the words I say to myself almost every single night. I had many positive figures in my life, and like Michael Oher from the Blind Side, there is that one person that helped me through the end. My name is Nelson, and my friend David was and still is my best friend, who has been the driven force to my caring and motivated spirit.

Just like Michael, I was the only "dark skin" person in my whole school in South Buffalo. Just like Michael, there's that one person that came along and changed my life. David was mine as Mrs. Tuohy was to Michael. When no one ever played with me, he stood up for me, and when I had no father to play football with, he played with me. In September of 2003, when David was eleven, he died. His all time goal was to be a rapper. At the time it seemed comical, like a joke, but for him it wasn't. It wasn't because he had this high and wonderful personality that just lightened up everyone's day that I cared for him. He was caring and always stood up for me when no one else ever did. All when we were only eleven years old.

If David was here right now, I think he would know how much of an influence he was and still is to me. When I look back, I wished I would have understood what he has done for me. I think without him, I would be traumatized. Now, every day I pray to David, to give me a sense of joy to my dull days sometimes. I do, I get those bright sun rays shining on me sometimes and I get those random laughs once in a while. That's when I know that he is here with me; to stay on task and let no one put me down. I must be Nelson, be comfortable with my own personality and looks. Fear no one and just stand up for those who really can't defend themselves. Having this mindset, has made me so caring to my community and my family. I have volunteered in at least ten different organizations and because I love helping people, I want to become a reconstructive surgeon. At the age of sixteen, I feel I am already successful, and I have to also give thanks to David for that.