Draft's Picks

Raven M. - "The Blind Side" Buffalo, N.Y.

Change is dependent on life circumstances, including influences in our lives and personal
experiences, as it was shown in the movie “Blind Side .” A positive person in your life can make
you much more goal orientated. Ms. Krieter, the principal at my school, Burgard High School is
one of the most positive people in my life.

Of course teachers, school counselors, principals and family all encourage children to try
our best, do well, and not give up, but Ms.Krieter is differenl. My principal, Ms. Krieter is my
motivation because she is genuine and caring. She treats us all like unique individuals. What I
love most about Ms. Krieter is that she doesn't just look at us as students at her school but as
people. She treats us like adults that will make a difference in the future. I've had some really
great teachers in the past and some not so great. They tell us they wish the best, but don't really
believe in us. How can we have hope for ourselves, if no one else does?  Ms. Krieter doesn't
give up on ANYONE!

Everyday, when the bell rings upon entering and exiting the building, Ms. Krieter stands
at the entrance and greets each and every student, most by their names. She even stops some of
us and gives us a warm hug and tells us to have a nice day. When we come to Ms. Krieter with a
problem, she listens and tries her best to help. You would think that by the end of the day she
would have forgotten with such a demanding schedule but, upon exiting she’ll say "Sweetheart,
how did that issue go?”  It may not seem very important but just the thought of knowing that she
cared to ask was important enough. She'll even stop her conversation with an adult and
introduce us, and ask how our day is going, once again giving us a hug and sending us on our
way. She often asks for my opinion on certain topics, emphasizing that although I am a child I
have a voice that should be heard.

Even though I started this year off rough, by getting formally suspended for making bad
decisions and trying to take the easy way out of everything, Ms. Krieter never doubted my ability
excel and do great. I've made mistakes but I call that experience. "Nobody cun go back and
create a new beginning, but anyone can start a new ending." Ms. Krieter shows that she trusts
us, she has hope and she believes in us. Because she believes in me so much, and takes such
pride in me I work overtime not to disappoint her. Every day I go home and I'm so proud of
myself. I can't wait to tell my grandmother how good I did on a test or that I was chosen as vice
president of my school and very anxious for college and I have to give thanks to my principal
Ms. Krieter, my assistant principal Dr. Barbara Jones and those teachers that gave me an extra
boost.  People are quick to say what you've done wrong, but at Burgard High School, Ms.
Krieter, Dr. Jones and the staff make a point to say "Job Well Done", which keeps us going.