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Jalen C. - A Discussion and a Movie "The Blind Side" L.A.

The Blind Side is a life lesson more than it is a film. Directed by John Lee Hancock, this film shows us we can overcome any obstacle in our lives. Leading the cast is Oscar nominated Sandra Bullock who plays the tough yet sweet Leigh Anne Tuohy who takes in down on his luck, Michael Oher. Not only does she show him a better life but by Michael just being the way he is, he showed her and her family how to stay a family. This film shows us all to hold on to our dreams no matter how big the obstacles will be to get there.

As a filmmaker and a teenager I realized the message that the director was trying to  show in this film. The lesson in this film was basically that things will get better as long as we don’t give up. People loose sight of that when chasing their dream or just trying to survive so they give up and lose the fight.  Another thing I noticed was the fact that the first person in the family to talk to “Big Mike” was S.J. Recently, I  saw a documentary demonstrating how as a child we hang out with all kinds of different races because we don’t see color as an issue when making friends, but as you get older you begin to hang out  with your own race due to stereotypes you hear. The daughter in the film, Collins, didn’t really get close to Michael at first because of fearing what her  friends  will say. So I think by having S.J. talk to Michael first the director was trying to say that we should all see through the eyes of a child.

People love to see other people fail. Some will try almost anything to make sure that you do. A powerful character trait that I have and I think that has allowed me to excel was the ability to ignore doubters. I surround myself with people who is positive and who bring no negativity to me. As I grow I start to realize that life will knock me down but also the more as I grow up but I am also learning the hard part is being able to get back up.

I have been very blessed to have people notice my potential and talent. Ms. Charles, Ms. Parker and Ms. Nasir are Fremont High School heroes in my opinion. They do not only care for the kids in the school but they care about the community. These three heroes help kids reach their full potential. Another mentor of mine is my film teacher Mr. Bryant who noticed my talent right away in 9th grade, he taught me and even gave me a job with him. My English teacher Ms. Tolbert who is a film fanatic like me bought me my business cards and inspires me to become a better screenwriter.

One way I see to help my school and community, is to make a film showing all of the problems we face. As you see we were shown a film to make us think about our lives so I should do the same. A film is a powerful tool and we should use it. I could write and make an amazing film that will be a mirror to everyone and let them see what needs to be done so everyone can live peacefully. Peace is what we all must strive for as well.

This film is one I will never forget because it impacted me. A good film will help people become stronger and this has definitely done that. Not only did I learn a life lesson I learned what kind of films I should be making. This film reminded me of a quote I heard and will never forget by Albert Einstein, “Try to be a man of value not success.”