Military Appreciation

Draft brings Let's Read, Let's Move to Quantico

Credit: Julia LeDoux/News & Messenger

QUANTICO, Va. - Chris Draft, a retired 13-year veteran of the NationalFootball League and former Washington Redskin, brought his Let’s Read, Let’s Move program to the library at Grey Research Center aboard Quantico Marine Corps Base Wednesday.

“We’re going to read a little bit and move outside,” he told the more than 100 family members who gathered for the presentation, which featured an outdoor fitness course that the children ran.

“When I look at the families here, it means more,” said Draft.

“My Dad was in the Marine Corps, but when you’re in the Marine Corps its really the family that’s in the Marine Corps. Dad did his officers training here at Quantico and then was stationed at Camp Pendleton.”

Draft passed out the jerseys he wore while playing for seven different NFL teams, including the Carolina Panthers, and read his book book 'Do you want to play catch?'

Draft said his parents encouraged he and his siblings both academically and athletically.

“When we went out and played, we didn’t just go out and play football. We went out and played basketball, baseball, handball, kickball, tennis and racquetball, all these different sports and we did it as a family,” he said. “Our family set the tone early and said we are going to enjoy being outside, enjoy being together, enjoy moving together.”

Draft said his mother was adamant that there would be a library at their home.

“So we had books at the house. She was the first person who said, ‘let’s go get your library card,’” he explained.

Draft also signed autographs and gave each child a book as a part of his effort to promote education and physical fitness.

“It was wonderful,” said base librarian Richard Freeman. “I enjoyed it, and hopefully the kids enjoyed it.”